How To Ride

UCAT Customer Service Representatives will help you plan and schedule your trip. Customer Service Representatives can mail or email you route schedules with maps, schedule details, transfer points, and fare structure upon request. Call (845) 334-8458 for assistance.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS : Customers with comments, complaints, or compliments should call the UCAT Customer Experience at (845) 340-3335 or send an email to


  • Standing in the direction of travel; riders should hail the bus with hand signal at any safe point along bus route, preferably with a light source (Cell Camera light, flashlight)
  • Shopping bags and small boxes are permitted, provided they are small enough to fit on your lap or at your feet and do not block the aisles.
  • Shopping bags are not permitted to hang from the back of a wheelchair
  • All two-wheeled, standard sized bikes, including e-bikes are allowed on the bike rack on the front of the bus. Bike How-to Video
  • Gas-powered bicycles are not permitted
  • All passengers in wheelchairs must allow bus driver to secure wheelchair in accordance to manufacturers’ recommendations.

READING A SCHEDULE: The first location on the schedule is where you are. The times going across are the times you would board the bus. The second location is where you want to go. The times going across are the times you would arrive.

DESTINATION SIGNS: The sign on the exterior of the bus displays the route name and destination of the bus. Before boarding the bus, be sure to check the destination sign to ensure you are on the correct bus. If you have any questions, the bus operator will be glad to help you.

CATCHING YOUR BUS: Riders may board a UCAT bus at any regular UCAT Stop sign. When there is no designated Bus Stop, the bus operator will stop for passengers who are flagging the bus at a safe location along the bus route.

EXITING THE BUS: When the bus is within a block of your destination, pull the cord or press the red button, next to the windows to signal to the bus operator that you want to exit the bus. Passengers are not permitted to cross in front of the bus. They must wait for the bus to depart before crossing the street.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Customers with comments, complaints, or compliments should call the Director of Transportation at (845)334-5502 or send an email

Planning Your Trip

Before you call to plan a trip, make sure you:

  • Have paper and pen/pencil ready
  • Know the address from where you are leaving and where you are going.
  • Know what time you would like to arrive at your destination and or your return.

Bring Your Bike or Scooter

The Ulster County Area Transit is pleased to offer you greater flexibility and more options to get to your destination by combining two popular modes of transportation: the bicycle and the bus. UCAT buses feature bike racks on all fixed-route buses. All you have to do is ride your bike to the nearest UCAT bus stop, load your bike onto the bike rack, and go to your destination! It’s easy, free, and convenient.
Every UCAT bus has a bicycle rack capable of handling at least two bikes with standard bike tires (maximum of 26” or 700 cm). Bikes are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Passengers wishing to transport bikes should first notify the coach operator that they are loading or unloading a bike before approaching the bike rack.

• Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before loading your bicycle.
• Bicycles must not exceed 55 lbs.
• Loose articles must be removed from the bicycle before being placed on the bike rack.
• Bicycle handlebars or baskets must not obstruct the driver’s view.
• Foldable bicycles (non-motorized) no larger than 28″ x 20″ x 11″ are permitted onboard (under the seat). The bus operator has the discretion to deny foldable bicycles which cannot be reasonably and safely stored under the seat, or safely on the exterior bike rack.
• Tandem bikes and tricycle bikes are not allowed.
• Please remember you are responsible for the loading and unloading of your bicycle. When departing the bus, exit through the front door and let the bus operator know you’re removing your bicycle from the rack.
• UCAT is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.

• Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when loading or unloading their bicycle from the rack.
• Children’s bicycles are permitted provided that the “J-Hook” fits snugly over the front tire of the bicycle.

• Customers are allowed to place electric bicycles with sealed gel, lithium Ion, or NiCad batteries in the bike rack as long as they fit safely in the bike rack and have standard tires. Must also meet the bicycle requirements listed above.
• Customers are allowed to carry on the bus electric scooters with sealed gel, lithium Ion, or NiCad batteries as long as they can be folded and fit under your seat or on your lap.

• Customers are not allowed to bring on board the bus items such as used gasoline cans, car batteries, hoverboards, gas-powered vehicles, or objects too large to fit under passenger seats.
• Electric bikes with liquid lead-acid batteries are not permitted in the bike rack nor are gas-powered bikes.
• Electric bikes with liquid acid batteries are not permitted.

Terms You Need To Know
  • The Plaza: the transit hub center located on the Kingston Plaza outside of Hannaford. This is UCAT’s main bus hub.
  • Timepoint: the time at which a bus is scheduled to stop at a designated location.
  • Transfer: the movement from one bus to another to reach a destination.
ADA Accessible Buses for Persons with Disabilities

UCAT buses are specially equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps to aid individuals with disabilities boarding the bus. Buses are also equipped with wheelchair devices to secure passengers while in motion. A passenger requiring the aid of this special equipment may plan ahead by calling UCAT Customer service at (845) 334-8458. Drivers are required to secure all wheelchairs according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

ADA Paratransit Information
  • Applications for service are available on our website or requested via email to
  • Reservations for ADA service are available by calling 845-334-8120 Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm. After-hour reservations can be requested via the automated line.
  • Visitors can use the service for 21 days by presenting documentation from “home” jurisdiction or “proof of disability” via a letter from a doctor or rehab facility to
  • Requests for reasonable modifications can be made via email to or by calling the director at 845-340-3335.
  • ADA-related complaints should be made to the director by calling 845-340-3335 or mail at 1 Danny Circle, Kingston NY 12401 with attention to the director.